Daryl R Wallace

Product Manager, Virtual Simulation Facilitator, and Games Master in Boulder, Colorado

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Currently big designing cloud diagnostics and generative culture shift simulators that can teach adaptation to changing market, talent and whole-system needs inclusive of constraints such as non-functional requirements, sentiment, engagement and retention patterns.

Do you know your teams Innovation Quotient? Would you want to test yours and your team communication capabilities?

Do you want to track and enhance your team skills mix and track a Collaboration Quotient too?

Are you paying for or delivering training and consulting services without tracking value delivery with confidence against promised results?

Responding to today's complexities through emergent solution systems, Daryl is co-hosting virtual simulations with HR, recruiters, BAs, hiring managers, Scrum Masters, leadership and, product, portfolio and project teams.

He offers a Team Diagnostic Scorecard and Value Canvas to focus efforts on the value delivery Delta; that which is most important and too often hidden or untracked.

* Single team hosted simulations take between 1 and 4 hours.

* Portfolio wide assessments (covering 120-150 FTEs) can take upto a week.

* Depending on scope and purpose, customized Simulations can be designed.

Simulations ready to run include the following;

A.) Agile-Scrum Team Sprint Simulation (10mins each, minimal for diagnostic: 5)

B.) Emergency Response: Communication pattern self-diagnostics include;

1. Market Implosion Exercise MXBX2000 (1hr - 3-12 participants* all levels)

2. Zero-Day Security Breach Exercise ZDX¥2012 (1.5hr - 4-15 participants)

3. Asynchronous Disaster Response XX911234x50 (1 day - 4-50 participants)

4. Hacker and Phishing Simulated Drills HFF50240 (2-40hrs - 2-50* participants)

C.) DevOps SDLC Assessment CI3608x12* (1-8hrs 4-12 participants)

Simulation attendees get the following take homes;

1. Team Self-Diagnostic: includes team diversity-inclusion, innovation-collaboration scored benchmarks to enable tracking of improvement over time and validate any new learning.

2. Skills Demonstration Certificate on individual collaboration styles and strengths exhibited and demonstrated.

3. Plus a free Team Tech Radar for assessing, trialing and adapting new tech, opportunities and markets.

You can contact Daryl directly on +4256383691 for a free initial consultation and to schedule a simulation.

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